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Wood Chipping Service

Wood Chipping is the breaking down large pieces of wood into much smaller pieces with a portable machine called a chipper.

This allows me to recycle the wood from pruned or fallen trees and branches. Instead of disposing of this green waste, I transform the untreated wood into a valuable organic mulch for gardens. The benefits to your garden are:

  • Conserving moisture

  • Reducing weed growth

  • Improving the soil’s health and productivity

  • Supplying precious nutrients to the soil

  • Enhancing the natural beauty of the area

  • Helping to prevent soil compaction

Great for:

  • Beds

  • Paths


Wood chipping enables me to break down tree and shrub waste created from pruning, lopping and removal of trees and bushes. I can offer wood chipping as a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly green waste solution. Wood chipping is quicker and easier than transporting the green waste elsewhere.

For larger wood or branches, it can be cut into smaller pieces and then feed into the chipper.


Wood Chip Mulch

Wood chips are a type of mulch that are made from broken down wood and bark. Wood chips are robust and an effective type  of mulch that is especially helpful to perennial plants, fruiting bearing plants and trees. Wood chips are useful for almost all gardens. Wood chip mulch promotes growth and increases plant health. 


The Chipper

The portable chipper can breakdown tree and shrub waste created during many of my services. This provides a constant supply of fresh, organic wood chip mulch that are created from natural, untreated wood sources. Wood chip mulch is free of chemicals, organic and locally-sourced, making it the perfect fuel for your garden.

The chipper is track-mounted so it can access all terrains easily and either chip for on-site use be removed for use in other gardens.